What a find!

Tommi Gustafsson

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Huh! I could kill it with Mjollnir.


I had also drain resistance, which helped.

Ended up selling the whole thing for 1250 gold.


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I was just gifted the One Ring in my game! I like that it has negative effects, cool for flavor (aggravate monster is perfect albeit bothersome). The clairvoyance is probably my favorite advantage, especially with the new ore and gold uses


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I didn't want to start a new thread... don't do discord(i apologize for being so off-topic), but I wanted to tell you how incredible I have found gnollhack after lots of nh vanilla over the years and other variants. I wish I was creative enough to give you ideas. Instead I'll just say those moments of "oh wow thats amazing!" "I cant believe they thought of that/added that" have happened to me a lot. It's so wonderful thank you all for all of your work.