Mobile Technical Problem Troubleshooting (Android, iOS)

Tommi Gustafsson

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Android and iOS, Common Problems
1. Symptom: Game crashes
Reason 1: GPU acceleration on some devices causes crashes.
Fix: Disable Game GPU Acceleration in the settings.​

Reason 2: Your device does not have enough RAM (less than 3 GB).
Info: You can first check supported Android devices and supported iOS devices out. This problem usually happens only with iOS devices, since Android devices with less than 3 GB RAM have been excluded from devices valid for GnollHack installation.​
Fix: Restart the device and disable Load Sound Banks in GnollHack's settings (you will hear no audio, then, though).​

Android Specific Problems
2. Symptom: Game starts with a dark gray GnollHack logo but then the main screen does not appear (except maybe for the background)
Reason: You have disabled animations.
Fix 1: Go to Android's Settings → Accessibility → Visibility Enhancements and disable Remove Animations. (This problem is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.)
Fix 2: Go to Android's Settings → (System) → Developer options and set:​
  1. Window animation scale to 1x
  2. Transition animation scale to 1x
  3. Animator duration scale to 1x
If you do not have Developer options enabled, you can follow these instructions to get them enabled, even though in that case it is unlikely that these settings are not at their default values. Note that the location of Developer Options varies by phone, so that it sometimes is in the root level of the settings and sometimes under Settings → System.​
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