Public Servers (SSH) GnollHack Public Servers

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GnollHack Public servers can be used to play the game via SSH. You can access GnollHack public servers at the following addresses:
SSH Clients
You need an SSH client to connect. No password is needed.
Curses Interface
Furthermore, we recommend that you use the Curses interface, which has been improved for GnollHack. You can find a step-by-step tutorial for different operating systems here:
You should play GnollHack with at least 4 status lines. If you are using the Curses interface, we recommend setting the following in your options file:


This will enable automatic adjustment of status lines for you, with a minimum of 4 status lines.

The default GnollHack Curses Interface Options files have these settings set correctly.

Unicode Support
You can set OPTIONS=symset:UnicodeGraphics in the options file to enable Unicode support in GnollHack. You must use TTY interface for playing. Curses interface does not support Unicode at the moment. This allows you to use UTF-8 encoding in your terminal. This can be helpful when your terminal does not support CP437.

Arrow key support for TTY
If you want to use arrow keys while playing with TTY graphics (especially using UnicodeGraphics), you can set OPTIONS=enablettyarrowkeys in the options file or activate it through Options (O). This has a drawback that you need to press ESC twice to register the ESC key. Luckily, you need to do it seldom in GnollHack.

Watching Games
You can watch games on public servers live by clicking 'w' in the main menu. After that you can select a game, if there are any, and finally you can press 'r' to resize the terminal. When you want to quit watching the game, press 'q'.

Sometimes the games you watch do not look right, depending on the settings what the player is using. Here, you can find instructions how to make games look right.
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