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Astonishing work! ✨🎇🎆 I'm charmed. Although I'd personally prefer minimalistic main screen without additional buttons which clutter up game field (I mean those six buttons in the top-left corner in mobile version) or maybe with smaller ones. Another remark is for wizard main character sprite, it is also only my own opinion, not criticism, but the wizard sprite is too much reminding me JRPG style graphics (too cute😁) which is kinda kids-oriented while the game itself is more of a dark fantasy style, so I believe graphics style should look more diablo-like than JRPG-like. Also I've seen recent commits in github and the new graphics is just nice! I hope the mobile version could be ported to PC, otherwise people will run in emulator (which is already done natively in windows-11). With best regards and best wishes. 💖⭐🔥⚡

Tommi Gustafsson

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Thanks for the feedback. :)

You actually need quite many buttons to play GnollHack on Android. We have tried to minimize the number of buttons on the screen by creating contextual buttons etc. but they are still quite many. Otherwise, the playing would be too slow without the keyboard.

We are intentionally making the game more child-friendly, and we are aiming at PEGI-7 and ESRB 10+ age ratings. This way, we hope that the game appeals to a wider audience and personally I like the good spirited happy style more than the dark style. The art style has been created by one of our artists.

The Android version should be playable on Windows 11 through Windows Subsystem for Android in the future. Also, Microsoft will release .NET MAUI in the future, which will allow us to create native Windows and macOS versions. However, it remains to be seen what is the best option, since these technologies do not yet exist.

We try to release the Android version to open beta Q2 this year.