GnollHack GUI Pre-Alpha 4 Released

Janne Gustafsson

Staff member
We have released Pre-Alpha 4 of GnollHack 4.1.0. This version introduces new features, graphics, and voice overs, as well as a number of bug fixes. Mainly a large number of graphics and voice overs have been added, with most of the NPCs now having their voicing done. Roughly 60% of the monsters now have graphics. That said, most of the work over the past few weeks has gone into developing the mobile version of the game and the features it needs, such as floating texts. Still, in addition to many bug fixes, the base game has also gained a few new features on the way:
- Status bar now shows what sort of weapon you are wielding (melee, ranged, polearm, pick-axe, barehanded, etc.)
- Certain top line messages are colored (in Windows GUI and mobile only)
- Dumplog is on; it saves the logs in a dumplog subfolder, and the files are written in UTF-8
- Monsters generated on each level can now be specified in level files, making special map monster generation more logical
- Aleax has now a duplicates of the player's items, and may be sent to punish the player upon alignment change.

We will be on holidays until 9 August. Happy GnollHacking until then.