GnollHack Download and Wiki

Tommi Gustafsson

Staff member
GnollHack supports 4 platforms:
  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Windows (GUI)
  4. Linux (ASCII)
You can download them as follows:

GnollHack Android
You can download GnollHack Android on Google Play Store:
View Supported Android Devices.

GnollHack iOS
You can download GnollHack iOS on Apple App Store:
GnollHack Windows GUI
You can download the latest GnollHack Windows GUI release on GitHub:

GnollHack Linux (ASCII)
You have two ways of playing the ASCII version of GnollHack on Linux:
  1. Connect to public Linux servers over SSH — Check our wiki for more information
  2. Compile it yourself from source — Check build instructions
GnollHack Wiki
We have a GnollHack wiki at:
It contains lots of useful gameplay information.
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