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    GnollHack 4.0.23 released

    GnollHack 4.0.23 has been released with a large number of new features and bug fixes. See the details here: GnollHack 4.0.23 on GitHub You can also play the game on our public servers. Happy GnollHacking!
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    GnollHack 4.0.22 Released

    GnollHack 4.0.22 has been just released. Download the Windows binaries and check out the new features at: GnollHack 4.0.22 at GitHub As before, you can play them also on our public servers. More information on them and the game in general can be found at GnollHack Wiki.
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    GnollHack 4.0.21 Released

    GnollHack 4.0.21 has been released with a large number of new features. Check them out at: GnollHack 4.0.21 on GitHub Our public servers have also been updated. You can play GnollHack using SSH at: [email protected] (Germany, EU) [email protected] (Ohio, US) Happy...
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    GnollHack Feature Discussion

    If you want to discuss new feature ideas or new features already introduced in GnollHack, or maybe even old features from NetHack, you can post your thoughts here.