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    GnollHack 4.1.0 Pre-Alpha Graphical User Interface Technology Demo Available Now

    Wow, this looks great! I loved: The sounds and music were great and really transformed the old-school silent experience to something else altogether. Most of the sound effects were spot on; a few were a little over-the-top (for example, the explosion sound and the ram). Gnollish Mines looked...
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    Initial impressions on GnollHack [Alpha]

    [GnollHack-4020a] For my other game, I selected a chaotic female elven priestess. Priest has been one of my favorite classes because of their ability to identify cursed items at a glance, but I have never been able to progress very far. 1. I am happy to report that the spellcasting system has...
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    Initial impressions on GnollHack [Alpha]

    This is a thread for posting your initial impressions on GnollHack. My 6th level Bandit (Barbarian) got as far as Minetown in Gnomish Mines. (Seems like Gnolls did not manage to banish gnomes altogether from the dungeon?) I managed to anger the Priest by converting the altar to Set, and my...