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    GnollHack 4.1.0 Pre-Alpha Graphical User Interface Technology Demo Available Now

    Hi Gnollhack! This update is really exciting, I haven't played in a long time but I'm really excited this project is continuing. I had a question - with this new graphical option with fancy soundsystem and animations, could it be said the project is headed in a Windows-centric direction? Is...
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    GnollHack Bug Reports and Issues

    Hi again. I wanted to say, you folks are really amazing on how quick you implement things and fix bugs. Clearly a lot of work and passion going into this game. I keep seeing this and I'm not sure if it's intentional - when using the _ command to go to a space in the dungeon, I seem to pause...
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    Initial impressions on GnollHack [Alpha]

    Hi everyone. Not a bug report I'm just posting an experience here. I would say, the game plays very very well! I currently have my best run ever (even compared to other variants or nethack itself) level 11 Gnollish Caveman Neutral Male. AC -5 or 6 I think. First artifact gift was Vorpal...
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    GnollHack Bug Reports and Issues

    Hi, I prefer posting here over github because I never use github and don't want to check it. If you want me to move this over to there or post there in the future I will. So, these are not very technical reports, I don't know if GnollHack can export logs or not so I can give you some...